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Fungi Study Group

A self-guided group study of fungi for WVMS Members.


Small Groups

Image by Eric Masur


Those who complete this course will serve as mentors to the new cohorts who are passionate to learn about fungi. These mentors will meet with other study groups and help answer questions. 


If you're interested in joining our next cohort, we will announce sign-ups through email and on this page.

If you are interested in starting your own study group contact Autumn at Add "Study Group" to the subject line. 


A small group of members got together to start learning more about mushrooms, habitat, and microscopy. We have been meeting every two weeks since the end of 2019 to learn hands-on, in field identification and reading about our finds between field trips. Our dedication to this group and studying fungi has lead to some fascinating discoveries and fueled our desire to keep learning more. 


Initially we created this group to develop a curriculum so our membership would be more equipped to help do the fast paced mushroom ID needed on the busy days of our Annual Mushroom Show.  


We have developed a year-long, self-learning, comprehensive  curriculum, in 12 Modules to take you step-by-step in learning more about fungi. The curriculum is flexible  enough for your own study group to focus on the fungi that interest you and at your own pace and learning style. 

The course comes with links to resources you will need to do further research  so you know you will be starting with reliable sources. The course is free for our members, although we do encourage that you purchase certain books, as you will be using them to help you ID mushrooms. See the syllabus for more details. 


Join our year long course hosted by Autumn Anglin and Henry Young, or you can choose to do a self paced group of your own. 


If you choose to take this course self paced, you are encouraged to find 3-4 other WVMS members that are dedicated to learning about fungi for a year. It will be up to your individual group to move through the modules at your own pace.


These lessons are designed for small groups to go on a foray to hunt for fruiting specimens, key out and do the homework, keep a journal and field notes, and finally discuss with the members in their group, their findings, and questions.


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