WVMS Mycoflora Project on iNaturalist

WVMS Mycoflora Project was created on iNaturalist in 2020 by Henry Young and Autumn Anglin as a way to share our observations and discuss fungi in our Study Group. This project is now apart of the Fungal Diversity Survey project created to utilize citizen scientists to sequence the diverse Fungi across North America. In December 2020, Autumn sent in the first sampling of specimens to be DNA sequenced for the WVMS Mycoflora Project. If you are interested in learning about what we are studying, check out the WVMS Mycoflora Project observations here https://www.inaturalist.org/projects/wvms-mycoflora?tab=observations

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https://namyco.org/poisonings.php NNAMA Poison Case Registry

FILE A REPORT! It is important to file a report, even if the outcome was only a gastrointestinal upset. NAMA tracks ALL mushroom poisonings.

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