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Salem, OR, USA


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  • Autumn Anglin

Fantastic Fungi March 26th

Fantastic Fungi is available in movie theaters and digitally for those who have to stay home because of the Coronavirus. On March 26th there will be a special Q&A session with Louie Schwartsberg and Paul Stamets. I was hoping that we could have all gone to see this at Salem Cinema, together, but I think this is a great way for us all to experience this amazing movie.

Check out all of the details here https://fantasticfungi.com/connect/

And if you are still going out, please support our local business and theater for their event on March 26th, http://www.salemcinema.com/specialevents.html This is a special event that requires tickets, so purchase them in advance.

I hope you all will join in on the fungi fun and bring a discussion back to our forum!

See you (virtually) soon!