5th Annual (Virtual)

WVMS Mushroom Show

November 6th-12th, 2020

Links are not active till 11/6

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2020 Virtual Mushroom Show

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Live Zoom Presentations


Friday, November 6th


Saturday, November 7th


Sunday, November 8th

Mark your calendars for LIVE Zoom presentations Friday, Saturday and Sunday. They will be recorded and available through November 12th. 

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We have gathered delicious mushroom recipes from our members. Head to your kitchen and try one this week!

Cooking Demo

Our video tutorials will show you what to do with those mushrooms.


Public Participation Welcomed

Join The Mushroom Hunt

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To participate in our Virtual Mushroom Hunt you will need to create an iNaturalist account. This account is free and allows you to post fungi, plants, bugs and more to help you identify nature.


WVMS has created a project within iNaturalist where we will host the Virtual Mushroom Hunt. The project does not open until November 6th, but you can still create your personal profile and get to know the iNaturalist platform. Check back in November for further instructions on how to participate in our project, or sign up for notifications in the form at the top of the page, and we will email you instructions when we get closer to the event. 




Written by Diana Reeck

I had not seen enough of them to really know for sure.  


Reality Check - Dispelling a Myth by Henry P. Young and Marjorie Young -June 1998

 I shivered and rubbed my arms, stuffed my shirt with more pine needles and waited for dark.


In our mounting excitement we started counting off each time we found a morel.

The Mother-lode

Written by Russ Chandler


Discover a World of Fungi

Check out our videos on mushroom hunting, mycoheterotrophs, mushroom identification, and fungi of the Pacific Northwest!

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