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Annual Membership Dues

Annual dues are $20 for an individual and $30 for a family. A "family" is one or two adults and their dependents. Membership is good until December 31st each year. We currently do not prorate membership dues. Members are eligible for a discounted membership to NAMA

Membership Guidelines

There are two ways to become a member. You can join online and pay your membership dues via PayPal or you can print the application and bring to the next meeting with your dues in cash or check made to WVMS.

Your membership is not active until we have received your application, a signed waiver, and your payment. 

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Click here to join online


​Click here to print application.

Pay dues through PayPal at

If paying by cash/check (made to: WVMS), please bring to the next meeting with your application.

WVMS Terms And Conditions

You must be a member in good standing to access the Member's Only area of the site, participate in forays, and access club resources.


To become a member, fill out an application, sign a waiver, and send with payment. We have two membership options, Family ($30) and Single ($20). The memberships are good for one year beginning on January 1st and expire on December 31st. Please allow 1-2 weeks for us to process your membership. 

Once you become a member, you will have access to the Member's Only area on our website. Here you can sign up for Forays, participate in a self-paced fungi course, have access to fungi resources and literature, and our video archives. The Board reserves the right to moderate the forums and discussions. Please keep your comments on topic. To participate in a foray, participants will need to complete and pass our Foray Safety Class. This is mandatory for EVERY member. Once you have been certified in our class, you may sign up for a foray through the Member's portal. 

Only our members have access to the Member's Directory. We do not sell your information or collect it for any other reason than to access our own membership. If you do not want your information accessible to the WVMS Membership, you can make your profile "private".

Member Benifits


Forays are group gatherings where we travel to locations in our local national forests, BLM, or other public lands to forage for mushrooms. We only offer these group gatherings to members. 

After you become a member, participants must complete and pass the Foray Safety Class to learn our protocols for being safe in the wilderness. 

Our foray director creates a foray schedule for the fall and spring mushroom seasons. These are released to our members via email and then members sign up to participate. 

Come learn about mushrooms and how to find them. We do collect edible mushrooms, but that is not our focus. We are interested in an educational experience and learning something new every time we go out in nature.

WVMS Foray 2019.jpeg
Study Group

Our community science study group has been a leader in giving our members access to a robust curriculum to learn Mycology and Field Identification. We have created a 12 module course designed to be taken over one year. Enrollment for members is free and signups will be announced in late winter. The course is also designed to take alone if you need more flexibility with your hours. 

In 2020, WVMS was awarded the highest grant from the Fungal Diversity Survey of having 50 specimens DNA sequenced.

If you want to take a deep dive into the world of fungi, microscopy, DNA sequencing, terminology, field identification, keys and ecology, this is course is for you!

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